Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Miserable tropical fish; rollerblading! (on grass)


  1. Hahaha...bloody hilarious...Love your artwork Dude...its funny!

    1. I'd be miserable if I was roller blading on a must be (sole) destroying..That grass has to soak up all the happiness out of anyone..even a fish out of water and far from tropical paradise..stuck on some suburban boring lawn....

    2. HAHAHAHAHA, thanks mate. You're right; it's the most boring lawn EVER!!!! think he's just been going round in circles for years. Man so many puns my head could explode, but damn that last comment was practically poetry! :)
      He was actually originally gonna be a skate, skating. But there's no way i'm skilled enough to draw a skate on skates. Had to make do with this miserable shit! lol

    3. haha, sole destroying, indeed. I wanna see a gag of a skater who grew up on a golf course. Always cleaning the grass and stains off his wheels. Laying down short boards end to end to skate on.

      I grew up in the country with no sidewalks and a gravel driveway. Skateboardin' was tough, man!

      A skate skating WOULD be hard to draw.

    4. I feel better now. Thanks Ted. I was getting pretty frustrated with not being able to draw a skate skating. Might have another crack tomorrow.
      This skater on a golf course actually sounds fantastic, please make it happen :P Checked out your portfolio blog the other day Ted mate; UUUUNBELIEVABLE. some of your backgrounds actually blew my mind. I\m not gonna lie!

      haha, I know the feeling. There was literally nothing to skate on where I lived. Actually, I tried getting into skateboarding last year. Possibly a bit too late in life. For some reason I had it in my head i'd be incredible at it... Man I'm shit! :/ I'll just stick to drawing fishes on rollerblades I think! :o