Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sketchbook Stuff- Tug

Had to take a photo of it, so excuse the cack quality. 
My scanner rejected this image. Can't think why!


  1. Another Jerry Lewis fighting over a Gummy-Suck with Barrack Obama. Same old tired images.

  2. hahahahaha, shiiiit, I gotta change the script! :/
    My god I can't believe you can see Obama in there mate, I used an old reference picture to draw his mouth; that's mental! Must've fluked the rest! :O

  3. Well I can't say I recognised him or understand what Ted was saying...I however like the image as it made me think and laugh. I don't want to google the story as it may ruin my enjoyment...I'm a visual guy...not a politician!

    1. lol. thanks mate..... :D
      Ted is on to me I think though. :O
      Yeah mate, the story ain't worth googling. All you need to know is the dude on the right loves a bit o' the ole squeeeeeze!

  4. Oh, I was just trying out my sarcasm at the McCullen blog. There's nothing tired about these images, they're the best! That's why I kid.

    But that's definitely Jerry.