Monday, 21 June 2010

Illustration Friday - Paisley

The Paisley Park Thief:
I suppose I should probably explain myself for posting this monstrosity! :) ... short n' sweet in a nutshell it's an obsessive prince fan who's somehow aquired one of Prince's guitars. :) ...judgin' by the nosey (but pleasantly surprised) onlookers he's quite a master at the ole thing! :) ....Paisley Park was once upon a time- Prince's record label and recording studio! .........THERE!!! that's my 'Paisley' link! hehe :P


  1. Hehe, as a big Prince fan, I like the take on this very much! Nice work

  2. Very cool lead-in to the topic. Love your characters, James

  3. aww thanks everyone, always great to get comments and I do love doing these illustration friday pieces, they're great fun! :D
    And yay Mohita- prince really is the best there is!!!!!! :D